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Flag of Duwamish

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Duwamish (/duwɑːmɛʃː/), officially the Republic of Duwamish (Duwamishite: 공화국의 이슬제가요미쉬), is a federal constitutional republic in northwest Althena in the Eastern Hemisphere of Adonia. It is bounded to the west by Trentannia; the north by the Shushili Sea; the east by Tunoccia, Lijubla, and Andarna; and the south by Underia and Alzata. With 100 million inhabitants, it is a medium-sized country in Adonia in terms of size and population. Duwamish also has two outlying territories, Quinault in the northern area of the Shushili Sea, near United Vassalies; and Atia, located in the Pioyang Sea near the equator. (more...)

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The Dawson Blizzard are a Duwamishite professional rugby union team based in Dawson that competes in the SimSports League of Rugby competition. Formed in 2011, their main home ground is the Dawson Bowl, shared with the Dawson Ducks soccer club and Dawson Olympics football franchise. During their first match of the season, under head coach Rin Barker, the team lost 13–20 to the Algona Grizzlies. While on bye during week 2, the team narrowly lost 20–23 to RFC Airships in the first round of the Supporters Shield. In the second round playoff against the Rorysville Highlanders, the team got their first overall win, 27–15, to advance to the second round of the Supporters Shield. (more...)

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