The following is a list of indoor stadiums, also referred to as "arenas," in Duwamish ordered by seating capacity, the maximum number of spectators that can be accommodated. The list includes arenas with a capacity of more than 5,000 or are in the "big 5" leagues. The majority of these arenas are used for multiple sports, including basketball, futsal, ice hockey, and lacrosse.

Primary tenants(s)
1 UD Arena 28,000 Dawson 2008 Dawson Ducks (SCAA)
Dawson Eagles (DBA)
Dawson Tide (DFF-1/IFL)
Dawson Cougars (DHL/STHL)
2 GM Globe 27,000 Goodwin 1989 Goodwin Lakers (DBA)
3 Cavs Arena 26,000 Cowlitz 1996 Cowlitz Cavaliers (DBA)
4 Gangnam Center 25,000 Ulsan 1991 Ulsan Kings (DBA)
5 Kelso Center 24,000 Kelso 1979 Kelso Knights (DBA)
6 SnoDome 23,500 Snohomish 2002 Snohomish Sonics (DBA)
7 BPE Arena 23,000 Bremerton 1999 Bremerton Bulls (DBA)
8 Kalama Arena 21,500 Kalama 1967 Kalama Pirates (DBA)
Kalama Kiwis (DFF-1/IFL)
Kalama Bears (DHL/STHL)
9 GM Center 21,000 Kalama1 1994 Kalama Koalas (SCAA)
Kalama Knicks (DBA)

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