The office of Chancellor of the Duwamish Federation (Duwamishite: 총장 이슬제가요미쉬 연맹) was the head of state of the short-lived Duwamish Federation between 1840 and 1885. Two individuals have been chancellor before the Duwamish Revolution abolished the office and regime. The first chancellor, Woojin Jeong (정 우진군) died of natural causes in office in 1877 while his son and second chancellor, Yejoon Jeong (정 예준군) resigned when he signed the Treaty of Dawson in 1885.

List of ChancellorsEdit

# Name Tenure
1 Woojin Jeong
정 우진군
16 February 1840 – 21 March 1877
Former revolutionary general during the Duwamish Civil War (1809–1840) and founder of Duwamish Federation, an attempt at a democratic state. Died of natural causes in 1877 and was succeeded by his son, Yejoon Jeong.
2 Yejoon Jeong
정 예준군
21 March 1877 – 13 May 1885
Son of first chancellor Woojin Jeong. Carried out same policies as his father and incorporated more of his father's ideals into his government, eventually declaring Woojin "Eternal Chancellor" before the Duwamish Revolution from 1880 to 1885.

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