Dawson Blizzard
Dawson Blizzard logo
Union Duwamish Rugby Union
Founded 2011
Location Dawson, Duwamish
Ground(s) Dawson Bowl
(Capacity: 45,000)
Chairman Flag of Duwamish Brian Han
Coach Flag of Duwamish Rin Barker
Captain Flag of Duwamish Hank Jeong
League SimSports League of Rugby

The Dawson Blizzard are a Duwamishite professional rugby union team based in Dawson that competes in the SimSports League of Rugby competition. Formed in 2011, their main home ground is the Dawson Bowl, shared with the Dawson Ducks soccer club and Dawson Olympics football franchise.


Rugby in DawsonEdit

Main article: Dawson Jaguars

The Duwamish Rugby Super League (DRSL) was founded as the first professional rugby football league, playing rugby union, in 1977 and included a team from Dawson, nicknamed the "Jaguars" for the popular jaguar exhibit at the Dawson Zoo. The Jaguars won the league championship eleven times, including a four-year stretch from 1990 to 1994, before the league ceased operations in 2005.

Foundation and inaugural seasonEdit

The Dawson Blizzard was founded when the SimSports League of Rugby established two Duwamishite franchises, one in Kalama and another in Dawson. The Kalama franchise would be named Kalama R.F.C., while the Dawson franchise was named after the Great Dawson Blizzard of 2005. During their first match of the season, under head coach Rin Barker, the team lost 13–20 to the Algona Grizzlies. While on bye during week 2, the team narrowly lost 20–23 to RFC Airships in the first round of the Supporters Shield. In the second round playoff against the Rorysville Highlanders, the team got their first overall win, 27–15, to advance to the second round of the Supporters Shield. During week 3, Dawson won 14–10 over the Freeport Moose and later won over Sonic City RFC.

Name and colorsEdit

The Dawson Blizzard adopted the traditional sporting colors of Dawson, Dawson blue and Duwamish green, in their crests and jerseys. Their name comes from the Great Dawson Blizzard of 2005, which crippled the city and its suburbs. Their home kits are all green with white shoulder stripes, while their away kits are all blue with white shoulder stripes. Their jersey sponsor is currently Gangnam Aerospace.


The Dawson Blizzard's home ground is the 45,000-capacity Dawson Bowl in Dawson, which has its upper bowl covered with tarp during rugby matches and football games. The club has played at the Dawson Bowl since their foundation in 2011 and considered other sites around the Dawson area, including the 5,000-capacity Ducks Sports Complex.

Season standingsEdit

SimSports League of Rugby
Season Pos Pld W D L F A +/- LBP Pts Notes
2011 9th 3 1 1 1 42 54 -12 1 4


2011 squadEdit

Flag of Duwamish Cristhian Solorio
Flag of Duwamish Zafir Yahyah
Flag of Duwamish Isaac Olsen
Flag of Quinault Kiyoaki Maekawa
Flag of Atia Ming Kao
Flag of Duwamish Umar Najm al Din Basara
Flag of Quinault Yokuya Memoto
Flag of Atia Lee Liang

Flag of Duwamish Zane Blacklock
Flag of Duwamish Dylan Johann
Flag of Quinault Kiyoshi Tenno
Flag of Atia Wei Pan


Loose Forwards
Flag of Duwamish Hank Jeong (c)
Flag of Duwamish Bernd Freeh
Flag of Quinault Momota Miyazawa
Flag of Duwamish Hudson Gell
Flag of Quinault Shunpei Miyazaki
Flag of Atia Wu Peng

Half Backs
Flag of Duwamish Niklas Freeh
Flag of Quinault Noriaki Eguchi
Flag of Atia Wang Li

Fly Halfs
Flag of Duwamish Ralph Nacht
Flag of Quinault Keiya Takei
Flag of Atia Park Wu


Flag of Duwamish Đoàn Năng Khánh
Flag of Quinault Gakuya Doi
Flag of Atia Song Fu
Flag of Atia Wu Sung

Flag of Duwamish Chu Hưng Mười
Flag of Quinault Fumitake Okuno
Flag of Atia You Tsui

Full Backs
Flag of Atia Chen Shih


The Blizzard has been coached by Rin Barker since their foundation in 2011 and is assisted by Mark Williamson. Barker had previously been a fly-half for the Dawson Jaguars of the now-defunct Duwamish Rugby Super League (DRSL) between 2000 and 2004.

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