The Atian football league system, also known as the Atian pyramid, is a series of interconnected leagues for association football clubs in Atia. The system has a hierarchal format without promotion and regulation between the leagues. There are two levels with two leagues. The exact number of clubs is an estimated average of 10 per league implies that 20 clubs are members of a league in the system.

About the systemEdit

The system consists of a hierarchy of leagues, not bound together by the principle of promotion and relegation. Clubs that are successful in their league can rise higher in the pyramid through franchising, whilst those that finish at the bottom can't find themselves sinking further down.


At the top is the single division of the A-League (which is sometimes referred to as Level 1 of the league 'pyramid'), containing 10 clubs. Below the A-League is the Atian Premier League (Level 2), which is divided into two conferences with five clubs each.

Cup eligibilityEdit

Being members of a league at a particular level also affects eligibility for Cup, or single-elimination, competitions.

The systemEdit

For details of past leagues and changes, see History of Atian football.

The table below shows the current structure of the Atian football league system. For each league, its official name, and number of clubs is given.




10 clubs


Atian Premier League
10 clubs (in 2 conferences)

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